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Why Excel-Based Software?

What’s So Great About Microsoft Excel™-Based Software?

  1. IT’S APPS. We think of Excel™-based programs as apps, apps that run within Excel™. Apps are small, specialized pieces of software that do one thing very, very well. Computing in the 21st century is proving more and more about apps, and less and less about big, bloated software that clogs computers and confounds users. Nimble is in, and always will be.

  1. INEXPENSIVE. The Excel™-based programs sold here at BuildersEngineer.com are cheap, between $5 and $90. This isn't FreeWare because FreeWare is not free. It's typically loaded with advertisements and other junk; it's usually out of date and not supported; and it will cost you more time and trouble than it's worth. There's no better value than our Excel™-based software.

  1. NO JUNK. When you buy an Excel™-based program from BuildersEngineer.com, you get the program without the gobbledygook. No games, no advertisements, no cookies, no popups, no spyware, no install or uninstall hassles, no B.S. Just download, open in Excel™, and go. Each program is a simple file that’s easily copied, moved, backed up, or deleted just like any other Microsoft Word™, Excel™, Power Point™, etc. file.

  1. WHAT’S YOUR TIME WORTH? Each Excel™-based program performs some complex task that would otherwise take you significant time. Use the program once and it pays for itself. Beyond that it’s money in your bank.

  1. LEARN SPREADSHEETS. Whatever your line of work you can’t afford not to understand spreadsheets. And regardless of how much you already know about them, there is always more to learn. An Excel™-based program is nothing more than a humble spreadsheet. Use ours and learn new tips and tricks to apply to your own. And who knows, one day you might create an Excel™-based program to sell to the world! We at BuildersEngineer.com would love to help you.

  1. WE ARE THE PIONEERS. Our ConstructionCalc™ programs were among the first commercially sold Excel™-based programs in the world. We’ve been at it since the mid-1990s, with happy customers in every U.S. state and 11 countries worldwide. Buy or sell with us and you’re teaming with a time-tested company of true experts. Testimonials.