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Timecard OnTime v2.3

Part Number 120802ot
Timecard OnTime v2.3
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For consultants and anyone else who keeps track of thier time. Great for architects, engineers, attorneys, builders, accountants, etc.

We created this timecard program for our own in-house use out of frustration with other brands. If you're feeling limited or constrained with another timecard program, or are still using paper and pencil, this easy-to-use program is for you.


  • Simple and fast data input.
  • Copy and paste or cut and move data with ease. 
  • Automatic sorting.
  • Automatic archiving.
  • Simple printing, showing only the data you wish.
  • Works independantly of your accounting system.
  • Input a job only once. Then copy and paste or auto-filldown.
  • Includes a time clock and other handy time calculators.
  • Each entry can include time and / or expenses.
  • Loaded with on-the-fly help and on-board printable Help section.
Answers to OnTime Frequently Asked Questions

Will OnTime work for non-construction-related consultants?
Yes, absolutely. In fact the program was inspired by an attorney friend who was keeping his time on yellow-pad paper! OnTime is perfect for attorneys, accountants, engineers, architects, builders, and anyone else who tracks billable time.
Does OnTime create invoices and statements?
OnTime is primarily a timecard program. Its printout can be used as an invoice, however, it has no capability to track payments nor produce statements. OnTime was created for consultants who use accounting software for invoicing (Quicken, Quickbooks, Peachtree, etc) but who track their time on paper or other cumbersome timecard programs. In our consulting division weíve tried several timecard programs and have always felt them too restrictive, cumbersome, and / or hard to manipulate data. Thatís why OnTime was born. Like all ConstructionCalc software, we use it internally and love it!
Does OnTime work with Quicken and Quickbooks?
OnTime can be used in conjunction with Quicken, Quickbooks, or any other accounting software. However, OnTimeís data is not meant to export directly into those other programs. Rather, a hard copy of time data is produced with OnTime then an invoice is produced in the accounting software using information from the OnTime printout. We think this is beneficial for the following reasons:
  • Timecard data is separate from accounting data. This provides opportunity for checks and balances between the two. It also maintains the integrity of the timecard data should something happen to the accounting program (crash, change of accounting software, etc.)
  • Employees do not need access to the accounting program to track their time.
  • OnTime is easy to back up to several computers or to a CD or other remote storage. This way you keep archive copies of your time data without the hassle of trying to back up an entire accounting software program.
How many employees may use one version of OnTime?
Each version, a.k.a. "seat" of OnTime may be used by one employee. Thus if you have ten employees using OnTime, you must purchase 10 copies.

Tutorial: 8-minute video: OnTime Example
Feature: Must have Microsoft Excel 2003 or later to run.
Feature: Download only
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