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The Titans Teach - Lessons From The Greats - The class

Part Number 122112tt
The Titans Teach - Lessons From The Greats - The class
A motivational seminar for your entire crew
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Reinvigorate your business with this inspirational seminar intended for your whole crew. We teach the simple principles used by ultra-successful people such as those shown below (a partial bibliography for the course.) Attendees will come away with a clear understanding of what it takes to succeed in business, and the importance of their individual role.


Here are the topics covered:

  • The two pillars of business success
  • A discussion on leadership
  • Why integrity is critical
  • The consequences of integrity lapse
  • Success examples that would not have happened had it not been for fanatic integrity
  • Who is responsible for integrity
  • The one-question test for integrity
  • Why profit is critical
  • The two variables in profit
  • The three reasons people hire and pay you
  • Why trying to create a new market is probably futile
  • Why having the lowest price is not recommended
  • How to gain advantage if your work is awarded solely on price
  • Examples of service trumping price: Zappos, Apple, Les Schwab
  • Why being better than your competition is more important than price
  • What's the No. 1 motel in the U.S.? Why?
  • What it takes to earn a recommendation
  • The most efficient type of marketing, yielding 6x results
  • What A+ is all about and why it is crucial
  • Why user experience is more important than core competency
  • Who on your team is responsible for outshining your competition


This course can be tailored to fit a 4-hour or 8-hour time slot. The difference in class duration is instructor's speed of delivery and opportunity for class input and / or breakout group exercises. The 8-hour class may also include additional topics on marketing and real-world examples, depending on attendee's pace of learning.

This course is for everyone in your company, from the owner to the laborer - essentially anyone with a stake in your success. Presentation to the whole crew is recommended - open discussion is encouraged. The course is feedback oriented, i.e. we don't preach to you, rather we present a concept then pose a tough related question for the group to chew on. This is how learning really happens.

Who Should Attend?
  • Consultants
  • Builders
  • Anyone in business


* From 1 to 25 attendees. Approximately twenty-five people is the max; beyond that it's too difficult to engage everyone.
* We bring this class to you, so it's up to you to provide a training room with a projection screen.

* Our own computer.
* A projector.
* When you book this class we'll provide a pdf copy of the Power Point slides that you can print for attendees if you wish.

Tim Garrison, The Builder's Engineer, teaches this class. He is an award-winning author of four books and 100+ published building-related articles. Tim is a contributing editor for Builder and Professional Builder Magazines. He holds a masters degree in engineering and has 30+ years experience as a small business owner, seminar instructor and public speaker.

* The cost for the half day class is $1,500, plus expenses
* The cost for the full day class is $2,250, plus expenses
* Fill the room and that's a bargain!
* We ask for full payment at the time of booking

* We've been teaching seminars and making public presentations for over 15 years - we know how to get people engaged and keep them excited.
* If you are not completely happy with the course, we write you a full refund check. The risk is 100% on us.


"Your talk allowed the staff/field level personnel to understand exactly how they  affect the future of the company. Your information empowers them to take on the responsibility for seeing that the company makes a profit.  It also allows employees to understand how their actions directly affect those profits. 

"Quite simply I think it is the best training my staff has received, ever."

Mike Sharp, President, HMS, Inc., Modesto, CA

"This seminar clearly spelled out the 2 pillars of success: Integrity and Profit. I think it will make our crews think twice when faced with decisions concerning profit and how they are representing the company."

Matt Hagarty, P.E., Construction Manager,
 MG Constructors and Engineers, Gilroy, CA


* Seminars are booked at least one month in advance.
* Contact us to book.

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