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Subcontractor Bid Analysis Tool v1.0

Part Number 130701sbat-1
Subcontractor Bid Analysis Tool v1.0
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This bid analysis spreadsheet was created in lieu of purchasing a very expensive program to help analyze subcontractor quotes on bid day. It turned out to be better than what we had considered purchasing and we used it successfully for years. It includes 34 customizable subcontractor scope of work tabs, a summary tab, and a bid tab.

Features and Capabilities:

• Lowest bid (with adjustments) is automatically highlighted.

• Any text that does not have a formula attached to it is customizable, including scope of work tab titles and worksheet titles. These titles populate Summary Page and Bid Tab.

• Fields that are calculated are password protected.

• Information in the Summary Page is populated by each individual scope of work tab, arranged by CSI division (customizable).

• Alternates can also be entered, and prices entered populates Summary Page.

• Adjustments to each subcontractor’s scope of work can be made to account for inclusions, exclusions, gaps, and overlaps. Lowest solution bidder comes from the totals with adjustments from its applicable tab in the workbook and carried over to Summary Page.

• Bid Tab included to summarize bids for easy printout.

• Contractor’s budget number can be entered for use as a plug number.

• Pop up instructions shown throughout the program.

• Solved example in the Instructions tab.

Screen Shots:

* Summary Tab

* Scope of Work Tab

* Bid Tab

Feature: Must have Microsoft Excel 2003 or later to run.
Feature: Download only
Feature: This program written and supported by Ben Ashburn, BS-Constuction Management, MBA.
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