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Structural Concepts and Green Framing - The class

Part Number 121012scgf
Structural Concepts and Green Framing - The class
Structural Concepts and Green Framing Seminar
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We introduce structural concepts first then put them to work by actually designing the most efficient beams, joists, posts, studs, and footings. Course content is fully customizable - you tell us what you want to focus on and that's what we'll teach.

Here is a typical two-day seminar outline. You can pick from some of these topics, all of them, or any other structural concepts you wish.

Day 1 – The Concepts. The presentation is Power Point-based with lots of photographs and illustrations.

  • Green Framing
  • Bending Members: Beams, Rafters, Joists
  • Compression Members: Columns, Posts, Studs
  • Wood as a Construction Material
  • Concrete as a Construction Material
  • Wind and Earthquake
  • Foundations and Retaining Walls

Day 2 – Green Design.  First, we make sure your previously downloaded ConstructionCalc Bundle (free to each student with the class) is up and running on your laptop computer. You must have Microsoft Excel 2003 or later to run ConstructionCalc products. Then we design the most efficient, green solutions for:

  • Floor Joists
  • Beams and Headers
  • Rafters
  • Studs
  • Posts and Trimmers
  • Footings
  • An Entire Floor Framing System


This course is for anyone who wants to understand how structures really work and how to design them efficiently. All instruction is in plain, easy-to-understand language - no high powered technical jargon here. It's helpful if you have a construction background but not a requirement.

Who Has Attended Past Seminars?
  • Builders
  • Architects
  • Designers
  • Lumber Yard Personnel
  • Building Officials
  • Do-it-yourselfers
  • Engineers
  • Maintenance Personnel
Many enjoyed it so much they've taken it twice or more.


* From 1 to 25 attendees. Twenty-five people is the max; beyond that it's too difficult to provide one-on-one help during the class.

* We bring this class to you, so it's up to you to provide a training room with seating, tables, power outlets, extension cords, and a projection screen.

* For the classroom portion, we'll present from the books, Structural Concepts For the Non-Engineer; and Green Framing - An Advance Framing How-To Guide. At the time of registration, students will be provided a code that allows a free download of the books in .pdf from this website. Students may print them prior to the class or follow along on a laptop computer.

* For the design portion, students must bring a laptop or similar computer running Microsoft Excel 2003 or later. Two people sharing a computer is okay. At the time of registration, each student will be provided a code that allows a free download of the ConstructionCalc Bundle. Make sure to download and test the programs prior to class.

* Our own computer(s).
* A projector.

* Tim Garrison, The Builder's Engineer™ teaches this class. He is an award-winning author of four books and 100+ published building-related articles. Tim is a contributing editor for Builder Magazine. He holds a masters degree in engineering and has 30+ years experience as a builder and professional engineer.

* The cost is $2,250 for the first day, plus expenses, one day minimum. Additional days are $1,500 per day. Fill the room and that's a bargain!
* Each student gets a complimentary copy of ConstructionCalc's Bundle, a $180 value, and .pdf copies of the books: Green Framing - An Advanced Framing How-To Guide; and Structural Concepts For The Non-Engineer, each a $10 value.
* We ask for full payment at the time of booking.

* We've been teaching seminars and making public presentations for over 15 years - we know how to get people engaged and keep them excited.
* If you are not completely happy with the course, we write you a full refund check. The risk is 100% on us.


“Ninety-nine percent hands-on, full throttle learning, unlike other seminars.”

—Travis Stanton, General Contractor, Conway, WA

“You answered [questions] I’ve had for years. I learned more in this seminar than in any other I’ve attended. I would strongly recommend this to all in my profession.”

—Mike Sines, Plans Examiner, Wenatchee, WA

“Great hands-on workshop. Also a great opportunity to interact with other people in the construction / design industry and learn from each other’s experiences in real cases.”

—Terry LeDesky, Architect, Oak Harbor, WA


* Seminars are booked at least one month in advance.
* Contact us to book.

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