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StairCalcPro v2.1

Part Number 120803sc
StairCalcPro v2.1
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Created for the construction / industrial professional. This powerful, yet simple program calculates circular or spiral stairs and straight-run stairs up to 500 steps and 200 landings.

Great for stairs constructed of wood, steel, or concrete.

Simple input in Feet-Inches format.

Handles fractions and decimals with ease.

Loaded with on-the-fly help to remind you of Code-Specific rules, such as maximum rise and run, minimum headroom, maximum distance between landings, and much more.

Includes a built-in Feet-Inches Calculator.

Includes a built-in Decimal to Fraction Converter and Table of Common Fractions.

Circular stairs output includes: 

  • Rise calculation to fit vertically within your floor-to-floor elevations.
  • Typical tread dimensions: inside and outside widths and arc lengths calculated for you.
  • True length of curved stair jacks – both inside and outside.
  • Headroom to ceiling, and headroom to stair tread above for spiral stairs.
  • Overall interior (horizontal) angle of the stairs.
  • Number of revolutions of spiral stairs.
  • Vertical angle and pitch of stairs at inside and at outside.
  • Tread width calculation at 12-inches from inside of tread (code requirement for spiral stairs).
For straight-run stairs, at any step instantly calculates:
  • Headroom (if it is a concern)
  • Horizontal distance from first step (straight-run calculator only).
  • Elevation of that tread
  • True length of the stair jack(s).
Calculates the angle of the stairs, both in degrees and in pitch (x:12).

Never again wrangle with complicated stairs calculations – or stairs that don't fit. If you design or build stairs, this program is a must!
Feature: Must have Microsoft Excel 2003 or later to run.
Feature: Download only
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