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ProBeam v5.01

Part Number 120702pb
ProBeam v5.01
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Design your own beams, rafters, joists, or purlins - up to 40 alternatives with as few as four inputs. Most designs take no more than one minute from start to finish. Solutions include any species of sawn wood, I-Joists, PSL, LSL, LVL, Steel Tube, Steel wide-flange, or other custom material or size.

Don't be railroaded to one type of material, use the most economical - use what you've got on hand - use up that boneyard. Stop wasting money with too-big beams, joists, or rafters. Be safe - be sure.

ConstructionCalc ProBeam v5.01 Upgrades

* Upgraded for 2009 IBC and IRC compliance.
* Added multi-ply composite members allowing different sizes and materials.
* Added flitch plate design.
* Added unbraced length feature with resultant diminished moment for non-fully-braced members.
* Changed the ConstructionCalc dropdowns at the top of the sheet to more convenient User Forms.
* Upgraded steel design to comply with AISC, 13th Edition.
* Increased speed by reducing automatic calculations with certain dropdown changes.
* Fixed minor bugs with single custom member.
* Fixed minor bug with 6x3/8 tubes.
* Fixed minor bug with moment reporting for glu-lams.


Other Powerful Standard Features:
  • Simple spans and cantilevers
  • Up to 40 simultaneous solutions with as little as four inputs
  • No need for a manual with popup notes, tips, and on-line examples
  • Top to bottom input - no flopping between screens
  • Self-weight automatically included
  • Easy printing and file operations via Microsoft Excel
  • Two, three, and four-ply options of 2x, PSL, LVL, and LSL materials
  • Loads input is simple
  • Hide or show various sections
  • Calculator-free input via Excel's in-cell math capability
  • Technical output can be hidden
  • Loading diagram
  • Shear and Moment diagrams

Feature: Must have Microsoft Excel 2003 or later to run.
Feature: U.S. customary (Imperial) units only
Feature: Compliant with 2009 International Building Code
Feature: Download only
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