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Land Development ProForma v2.3

Part Number 120803pf
Land Development ProForma v2.3
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The basic tenet of land development is simple: purchase land, hopefully at a low price, then sell it later, hopefully at a higher price. Generally, between those two steps something is done to increase the land's value, like subdividing and / or building improvements. Very simple in concept, yet unbelievably complex in implementation.

This proforma spreadsheet and accompanying booklet takes you through the process, step-by-step, in plain language, with dollars made or lost shown clearly and graphically at the end.

The Proforma

This is the very software used by land development professionals yet is simple enough for the layman. It is loaded with on-screen help (no manual is necessary). Over 100 example unit costs are included within the program.

Renal Analysis
Whether you want to analyze an existing rental(s) or are contemplating new ones, this easy-to-use program will quickly show you:

  • Cash flow.
  • Total benefit or loss taking into account tax consequence, appreciation, depreciation, and up to three separate loans.
  • Return on investment.
  • Cash surplus or defecit.
  • Equity. 

Also included with the proforma is a time-value-of-money loan calculator. Calculate with ease:

  • Interest payments.
  • Loan payments.
  • Amount of loan you can afford based on assumed monthly payments.
  • Interest rate.
  • Cumulative interest and principal through any year. 
  • Depreciation.

Residential Land Development White Paper - An Insider's Guide

This 50-page white paper is intended for anyone interested in residential land development regardless of background, experience, or previous knowledge. The author, Tim Garrison, P.E., has designed, planned, managed, and permitted hundreds of projects, from simple short plats to large, complex subdivisions.

Specific topics include:

  • Land development - risks vs. returns
  • Maximizing profit - tips and tricks
  • The tax game
  • Partners or investors?
  • Borrowed money - the double edged sword
  • Borrowing money and banks
  • Purchasing and tying up land
  • Feasibility and due diligence
  • Consultants - which ones to use and methods of compensation
  • Platting the land: boundary line adjustments, short and long plats
  • Developing land - step by step.
  • Water - wells or municipal water
  • Sewer - septic or sewer
  • Storm drainage - detention, treatment, conveyance
  • Access - roads, curbs, sidewalks
  • Franchise utilities - power, telephone, gas, and TV
  • Sales and profit
  • The Proforma (Part 2)


* Rental analysis.
* Example Costs sheet with hundreds of example costs.
* Two additional CostCalc cost estimating worksheets.
* Fees-Credits sheet to track impact and hookup fees and impact fee credits.
* Return On Investment with Proforma sheet.
* Cost codes: taxable construction; non-taxable construction; land; consultants; and soft costs.
* Grouping to allow easy hide / unhide of rows.
* Cut and Move operations allowed.
* Restore Formats feature.
* Clear Inputs feature.
* Hide Unused Rows feature.
* Unprotect feature to CostCalc, Example Costs, and Rental sheets.
* Depreciation calculator to LoanCalc sheet.

: How to calculate profit / loss for a subdivision: 9-minute video, 18-Lot Subdivision
Tutorial: How to calculate profit / loss for a rental property: 7-minute video, Rental: 3-Duplexes & 2-Fourplexes
Example: How to calculate profit / loss: Rental analysis proforma
Example: How to calculate profit / loss for a residential subdivision: Land development proforma
Example: Subdivision raw land map
Example: Subdivision raw land map closeup
Example: Subdivision developed conditions
Feature: Must have Microsoft Excel 2003 or later to run.
Feature: Download only
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