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Before You Buy

Microsoft Excel®-Based Software

The programs sold at BuildersEngineer.com are Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets. Your computer must have Microsoft Exel® to run them. Most programs sold here come with a free demo that you should download and try before you buy to ensure compatibility. Click here to find out why we program in Excel® and think it is an awesome platform. 

Risk Disclaimer

Though we have made every effort to ensure accuracy, it is possible that a product sold on this website may not provide accurate solutions in all cases. Users assume all risk and liability for results and solutions obtained. All results and solutions should be checked by competent person(s).

Download Only - No Books or CDs Shipped

ALL e-products (software and books) sold on this website are download only. I.E. we ship no CDs. So when you purchase you'll be provided a download link. After you download, immediately save a copy of your new e-product to a CD or thumb drive for backup. If you experience any download or backup problems, please Contact Us - we're here to help.

Password-Protected Software

All software sold on this website is password protected, meaning that input is allowed only in certain cells. Non-input cells are password protected and may not be changed. Visual Basic (VBA) code (macros) is also hidden and protected.  As a matter of copyright law and to limit our liability, we do NOT give out or supply security passwords, meaning you may not alter or change any program except for input cells and other limited areas. This is a very good reason to download and try a free demo before you purchase.


In general we offer no upgrade discounts. But there are exceptions. Here is our policy.

* If you're upgrading a full version jump, there is no upgrade discount. A full version jump is when the number after the "v" increases at least a whole digit, i.e. v3.2 to v4.0 is a full version jump. For example upgrading from ProBeam v5.01 to v6.0 is a full version jump, so no discount would apply.

* If you're upgrading within a version, the upgrade is free. Within a version means that the number after the "v" stays the same, but the number after the "." changes. This typically happens because a bug has been found in the earlier version. For example to upgrade from ProBeam v5.0 to v5.01 would be free. You must Contact Us for this free upgrade.

* If we launch a new full version jump within 3 months of your purchase, you may upgrade for free. For example if you purchase ProBeam v5.01 on 7/1/13 and we launch v6.0 on 8/15/13, that upgrade to v6.0 is free. You must Contact Us for this free upgrade.

* Bundles. There is no upgrade discount on bundles. However, individual programs within the bundle follow the rules above. For example if you purchase a ConstructionCalc Bundle that includes ProBeam v5.01 on 7/1/13, and we launch ProBeam v6.0 on 8/15/13, you may upgrade ProBeam for free. As another example if your Bundle purchase includes ProBeam v5.0 and we upgrade ProBeam to v5.01, you may get that upgrade of ProBeam for free. You must Contact Us for these free upgrades.

Please Check Out A Demo Before You Buy

When you purchase a program or document from us, we assume that you've researched the product thoroughly and have tried out the product's free demo.

We offer no returns on downloaded merchandise. Please run the free demo to be sure the product is compatible with your computer.

That said, if you purchase something and are convinced that it is defective, we will work with you to make it right. We consider these on a case-by-case basis. Please Contact Us.

Please Make A Copy

If your hard drive crashes, you get a new computer, or you somehow destroy a downloaded product please do not ask us for a new copy.

We do not provide replacements - you'll have to purchase a new version.

To avoid this please keep a replacement copy on a separate CD or thumb drive.

One License Per Purchase - Illegal Copies

All software products sold on this website are subject to state, national, and international software laws and may not be illegally copied, sold, distributed or the like.

Programs purchased on this website are single seats and may only be used by the original purchaser on one computer at a time.

The original purchaser may be an individual person or a company. If a company, different persons within the company may use a single seat on different computers as long as only one copy is open at a time.

Copies of software purchased on this site may be made by the original purchaser for backup purposes.

Macros - Must Be Enabled

Many of the Excel-based products we sell contains macros, which are small pieces of computer code necessary for proper operation. These must be Enabled or you may get a popup warning when you try to run a DropDown, Button, or other control; or certain functions just won't work at all. Excel wants to be sure that all macros are safe, from a reliable source. With products sold on this website, you can be sure that the macros are safe, i.e. do not contain viruses or other malware.

Remedy: Enable macros upon opening. In Excel '07 and later there is a Security Warning and Option box in the upper left of the screen for this. Excel '03 prompts you when opening the Workbook. Always select Enable Macros.

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